Religion 2:Dimorph

Dimorph is Lord of the Sea, and he is also known as the Eternal Slumberer, Temples are constructed along with huge statues made of white stone of the cruel male form. The God was originally an old male form who demanded sacrifices from everyone, and forbade fishing on certain days of the month. Storms were common, and the winds tore at everything on Scorpion Island.

Dimorph once demanded that from every village, a lady be given and from them he would choose his wife. A London girl was chosen many years ago. Before she left the village, a wise woman came to her and said “Take this pearl dagger, and when the old man is at his weakest, plunge this into his heart, and you will be free. Remember, you must do this before the sun sets. The Lord of the Sea has many great powers under the moon.”

She joins Dimorph on his throne, and it is many years before any unhappiness comes between them. On one night, the lady does not feel well, and she finally strikes out at Dimorph with her dagger. The hour was too late, she had forgotten the warning. He had poisoned her, and she had struck him down.

For a time, they had died, but prayers from villagers when the winds kept their ships from moving restored Dimorph to life, but part of the maiden had joined with the old God, tempering him. Only a part of the whole has been restored, a sleeping consciousness on a faraway plane, but the religion has not faltered any whatsoever on Scorpion Island.

The clergy of Dimorph is open to almost any. They worship nature, bounty, celebration, sharing, community, viability, sustenance, and renewal. Its members work against greed and evil for the benefit of those who cannot help themselves. On some levels it still practices survival of the fittest. Generally neutral alignment.

The clergy uses a lot of water. Ceremonial hand washing at dawn, again at a prayer time at noon, and they must show reverence of nature at least 10 minutes a day, such as by tending a garden.

Religion 2:Dimorph

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