Geography--The Cite of London

London is home to 6,000 it isestimated. There is room for more, but heroic talent often heads the other way, and too often into peril and doom.

London was settled not only because of its location, but also because of its Lessertree. The Lessertree is only considered lesser because it is not a City Tree (yet.) Dargren, its tender, hopes to have it ready within his lifetime for a priestly elder to take up residence within the tree.

The following demographics were collected by the Baron. The first number includes women, children, elderly, infirmed, etc. The ‘male’ implies 25+, able bodied, etc.

3000 humans, 1900 male
150 half elves, 110 male
75 elves, 40 male
100 dwarves, 65 male
250 halflings, 100 male
300 others, 300 male

While others are not unheard of, there are 3 churches and 3 dominant religions.

The sea God Dimorph. >2500 worshippers.
The dwarf smith deity Valknir. >1500 worshippers.
The mysterious Matroness of the Drow Oracle/Brewer/Dstiller. 400-500 worshippers

Business and Buildings:

Common Markets(competition—at least 2 vendors, or low demand, or high supply): Baker, Fruitier, Nutmonger (lol), Butcher, Spice Merchant, Dried Goods dude, Basketweaver, Dairyarian, Mason, Brewer, Distiller, Potter, Librarian, Bookbinder, Herbalist, Smith, Gravedigger, Innkeeper, Seaman, Cobbler, Woodworker, Clothier, Leatherworker

Uncommon Markets(markups or vip-only availability): Curio, Occult, Glassblower, Glazier, Tailor, Jeweller, Moneylender, Accountant, Attorney, Minter, Webster, Locksmithing, Silks, Poppy-related merchandise. No items over 10k are available, other things might have modified prices.

Other points of interest:
Southwest, In Scum class: The Musty Ale tavern
South Central, atop the hills: London Castle
Southeast: mines, fields, gates
Central: River district, markets, magic, Lessertree
West/North: harbours, jail, spyglass, army central, navy, lighthouse, armoury, forge, blacksmith
North Central: Rich houses, arena
North East: Temple district (Dimorph central), High Priest’s Palace, Noble Estates,
Far northeast hills: Monastery/forge of Valknir

Navy: 7 light fighters, 3 warships — total crew 282, can hire up to 35 extra hands without lowering morale or requiring more ships.
Under the lead of Captain Morales (female Human) — (warship) The Black
Lighthouse/Spyglass master Tavaron (male Elf) — (trade ship) Dorado
Recruiter Chief Sullik (male dwarf) — (light fighter) Harpoon

Army: 231 Archers, 231 Warriors, 45 siege engineers, all divided into 3 8-hour shifts.
led by Noble Knight Tarlyk (male 1/4 elf 27yo)
Magical Defences: London Tower is led by Vestagas, (30yo male 1/4 elf) Noble Knight mastering in transmutations. He has 2 master apprentices and they each keep 5 pupils, each separated by a year. That makes 13 total magicians defending London Tower. The Havenwood of Magic has twice the resources and double the total magicians in residence.

A few politics/local news::

The Baron (Setos) has a magical advisor who maintains a specialty chemist shop that is never open for viewing, but instead takes mail orders. Simply write down your order and drop it off at London Tower and the item will be delivered to your house.

The Arena Master (Aryn, 29yo son of Setos, male 1/4 elf) puts on a monthly fight on the morning after a full moon. The arena is the only sanctioned establishment in London, all other bets are illegal, but they are still commonplace.

A new church has sprung up in the woods outside London and missionaries have begun to enter the city.

Geography--The Cite of London

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