Conrad von Voltaire

A handsome, long haired warrior well seasoned by the rigors of fighting and war. He wears a bluish breastplate underneath his cloak and fine clothes.


Name: Conrad von Voltaire

Class: Paladin

Race: Human

Alignment: Lawful Good

Level: 6

XP 18,000

HP: 78/78

AC: 20


Str: 16 [ +3]

Dex: 14 [+2]

Con: 15 [+2]

Int: 10 [ 0]

Wis: 10 [ 0]

Cha: 16 [+3]


Fortitude +11 Reflex +7 Will +8

Attack Bounses

Melee +9 CMB +9 Ranged +8


+1 Masterwork Halberd- +11 bouns, x3 crit, 1d10+4 dmg

+1 Masterwork Longsword- +10 bonus, 19-20/x2 crit, 1d8+3

Masterwork Composite Longbow (+2)- +9 Bonus, x3 crit, 1d8+2


+1 Mithral Breastplate- +7 AC, light, -2 check pen, +5 max dex

+1 Heavy Masterwork Shield +3 AC, Heavy, -1 check pen,


Diplomacy +12

Handle Animal +7

Knowledge(nobility) +4

Knowledge(religion) +4

Linguistics +2

Ride +6

Sense Motive +9


Weapon Focus: Halberd

Power Attack

Combat Reflexes



Ring of Protection +1

Waterskin x3


Shaving Kit

Holy Symbold of Valknir

Alchemical Grease x2

Shield Sconce

Bullseye Lantern

Pint of Oil x3

Alkali Salt x2

Elixer of Vision

Potion of Darkvision

Potion of Spiderclimb

Potion of Darkvision

Potion of Jump x4

Mystic bag x3 (Contents of Mystic Bags) Cold Weather Clothing x1 Noble’s outfit (w/ Signet ring and Jewelry) x1 Hot Weather Outfit x1 Explorer’s Outfit x2 Traveler’s Outfit x4 Potion of Bull’s Strength x1 Alkali Flask x6 Bedroll x2 Large Tent Stove Can x2 100 feet Silk Rope 5 Pounds of Soap Shovel x2 Trail Rations x10 Water Purification Sponge (20 pints) Holy Wooden Sun Symbol Masterwork manacles







GP: 703



Born to a family of patriots in the city of London as the second son during the feastday of the Lawful God Valknir was a highly auspicious sign. His father was once the commander of the Guards stationed at the northern section of the city, while his mother was an exemplary elder member of the Religious Order of Valknir. Passed down into Conrad were his father’s pride, his desire to protect the weak, his raw determination and his love of woman; from his mother he inherited her love of life, her devotion and her temperance.

For the first few years of his life, he was taught by his mother and his father’s more intellectual friends. They taught him how to speak with eloquence and grace, and even a bit of mathematics. It was here his tutors remarked on his remarkable charisma and natural grace. As well as how to speak and count, he was taught the important skill of reading and writing.

As soon as he reached the age of 8, his father gave his son personal training in the art of swordsmanship and archery. His father taught him how to thrust and parry with almost every weapon available, as well as teaching him tactics with a shield of almost any size. While he was not as gifted as his elder brother in the art of swordplay, he proved himself an excellent archer. However, training in the art of warfare did have its consequences, Conrad recieved a large scar across his chest during a sparring with real swords from his brother.

With his father’s consent, his mother brought him to live with the rest of the clergy in the temple of Valknir as an trainee. The wise priests taught him much about the history of their religion, about the valors of Valknir, the champions who fought under his name and the vile creatures they had slain for the betterment of mankind. The healers taught him the ways of faith healing, channeling the divine energies their god granted them to mend the wounds of his allies and his fellow faithful. His time studying and working in the temple taught him the virtues of charity, patience, faith and humility.

When he reached the age of 22, his training under the temple was considered complete. He declined the offer to continue service in the temple as a priest, as well as the offer to join his father’s men in defence of the city. Much to the delight of his parents, he chose a middle ground between his two radically different backgrounds, becoming a Holy Warrior of Valknir, the Paladin. At that time, London was a well defended and safe area while other lands required aid. Packing his possessions, he prepared himself for his journey into the world, in the sole intent of spreading his beliefs as a missionary and reinforcing justice as a guardsmen.

Conrad von Voltaire

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