• Conrad von Voltaire

    Conrad von Voltaire

    A handsome, long haired warrior well seasoned by the rigors of fighting and war. He wears a bluish breastplate underneath his cloak and fine clothes.
  • Tari Caliel

    Tari Caliel

    An Elven Rogue, in the profession of treasure hunter. Usually carrying more than her fair share of equipment
  • Brain Ooze

    Brain Ooze

    Globular, Red, Veinous, Vulnerable, Brainy, Cowardly!
  • Felix Undertoe

    Felix Undertoe

    Tilt your head downwards and you will see a halfling with tanned skin and wearing a vibrantly colored robe and top hat.
  • Grimalkin


    VERY under construction.
  • Loot List

    Loot List

  • Neur ObMafol

    Neur ObMafol

    A Rather tall and lean young man in common traveling gear and light armor. He isn't particularly good looking, but his apperance is indicative of experience.
  • Purple Jello

    Purple Jello

    Purple, cubical, 10 feet tall
  • Thoril Oakharp

    Thoril Oakharp

    In his THIRD incarnation! Thanks, cag. :D
  • Wishlist


    A Wishlist