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Session 1: Orcs!

Much of the night was restless, scurrying about in the fog looking for trouble.

When morning broke and the source of all that dark mist was discovered, everyone decided it was a coincidence and scouted the orc camp. One got too close, and from there, a melee brought everyone out. The party prevailed without loss, and begun looting.

The looting and exploring of the slaughtered orc camp will continue into session 2

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Session 2: Loot!

As promised, the looting and exploring of the slaughtered orc camp continued in session 2.

A small fortune in magical items was found on the leaders of the orc camp, namely the gnarled staff carried by the shaman. The party attempted to determine its properties, but learned little. During a short venture into a nearby cavern, one of the party rogues used the staff to dispel a wall of spiders’ webs. He was successful, but replaced the blood in his legs with spider’s silk. (Don’t worry, Cyrus survived.)

The entirety of the orc camp explored, the party continued on their way. After a day of travel, the adventurers stumbled upon ancient ruins, and a wizardly gnome near the coast. Knowing that time was of the essence, they convinced the gnome to help them sail to Claw. Two days by sea away, the party made port in Fort (Somewhere). There they learned of a dragon that terrorizes the fort every full moon. Rather than facing the dragon, however, they decided to move on after a night’s rest.

The ritual suicide of Balton still fresh in their minds, the party has made landfall near Claw. Exploration of the city will begin in Session 3: Claw!

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

I swore I wrote Session 3’s log last night and then it vanished. Groan

Session 3: The DM Lies!

First, the morning at Fort Burleson. You had not enjoyed a hot meal in some time, and you were curious about the horrors of the magic staff. All this was to be overcome by the glory of BACON, but the answers about the staff of traps were very pleasing too.

The party did not explore Claw yet, but they will. Oooooh, they will. They did, all the same, get 17 miles closer. The caravans met at the 10 mile mark after Fort Burleson speeding away, now long sped away.

The gnome parted ways for a time, accepting a deposit. He will return to his madnesses once that money runs out. Just watch out when this strange seaman ends up with an airship!

And now, an uphill battle as the most dangerous part of the island lays before you.

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Sesssion 4: The Orc Slavers

More orc slavers have been spotted, a total of 5 parties are confirmed to exist, with 2 dead. This bodes well for the party, but there is much work to be done. The party has survived these orc battles without casualties, and gained many powerful treasures, but danger lurks in the bushes, the road is not yet finished, and the new halflings who have joined up are insufficiently armed.

The uphill battle has steepened, but there is hope.

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Session 5: Orcs and Giants!

(Sorry I posted this earlier, but I wrote that wrong, forgetting that the orb did make it to the party’s hands after some genius, at the end of the battle)

The more orcs have been slain! And now the party has detoured slightly to enter a mysterious wall of stones, where Cyclopes live, and several are trapped under mysterious curses that the party has spent much of the morning deciphering.

Steed threatens steed! Not quite, actually on closer observation, it is 2 red blobs that look rather like vulnerable, brainy creatures. On the other hand, the sticky, dense, opaque purple creature approximately 16x larger than the small red ones seems most vulnerable to magic, and you wish you had kept your distance. Slaying it will be a pleasure.

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Session 6: The Greek Tragedy

It was oh so much fun to lay judgement on behalf of Death over the Cultist Cyclopes, who it was revealed slayed a creature of legend in order to acquire his powers and the space he occupied, including Death’s shrine.

But I think we had more fun looting the houses once they were sent away, and the wall destroyed.

The party skipped further distractions along the way, a curious Portastical box atop a hill, and proceeded to the estate of a Mr. Brews and Mrs. Hilda, where they procured the underchamber for the modest sum of 200gc, mostly from Malcom and Thoril’s pockets.

They are but 2 miles from Claw. They will be there at dawn.

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Session 7: Claw! The party completes its task, escorting the rich halfling miner back to his home in Claw to deposit his riches. Then they did the same job again! The halfling had more to collect, hidden away from Session 4. And while heading to the gold mine, they encounter him and return him back to Claw again. They will have to try again without the distraction of riches.

Claw was exciting, for the Chemist was successful in finding a way to get ships into the Red Sea. The amount of gold he requires to continue his work is astounding, but the party is intent to find it and earn their share of it. In another week, the arena will be ready for fighting men. Right now, the city is all eyes on the nobility, and the splendors are aimed in that direction. For the rest shopping!

Happy orc hunting next week. Attendance is crucial.

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Session 8: Orc Hunting! kind of.

The trip to the Gold Mine to pick up the requirements for Red-Water proofing the fleet didn’t start as well as could be hoped. The first encounter of the day was with a Druid, in the form of a giant cactus. It seemed that this Druid was stopping people from passing through the dry, arid landscape that sits directly south of Claw, but unwittingly, Tari began a conflict between the two. The Druid’s defeat came without huge loss from the Good Guys, and finally ended with the Druid changing back to her normal form after the conflict. In a deal to cease further hostilities, the Druid agreed to guide the group to the Gold Mine, which was arrived at without further issue.

During a break for lunch, before arriving at the Gold Mine, Tari confessed her affection for Thoril, the group’s Ranger. Giving in to this affection, she kissed him!

Several Worg’s attacked the group as they reached the mine, but about half way through the conflict, a group of 9 orcs arrived, 6 of them heavily armoured. A well placed Fireball from Neeur wounded most of them, but chances are they’re still battle-worthy.

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Session 9: The Undeadable.

The orcs at the gold mine weren’t as much of a pushover as was expected. After the fireball, Tari threw a black cloud at them, which took out a couple, and further wounded more. With only two left, and the Orceress herself, the two remaining worgs fused together to make a giant undead creature that was more like a zombie hydra. The Black hand summoned by the orb kept it at bay until we were ready to deal with it. A mass flanking finally took the Orceress down after she enlarged herself and the two heavily armour orcs, and just as they finished, the Undeadable came back, almost swallowing Tari. For the third time, Thoril comes to the rescue, decapitating the monster before it could swallow. Now, we’re on our way into the gold mine, after healing… I hope there aren’t too many guards in here. Most of the parties spells and powers have been used…

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Session 10: Gold Mines and Runes

The gold mine has been well and truly searched, and un-mined gold has been found! Unfortunately, to get there, Tari and Felix were nearly killed by trap runes that littered the place. Runes that create illusory mudslides, and runes that explode in your face.

We left the session in the central chamber of the mine – The Orceress’ lair. She had a throne, and magical fire that absorbs other magic. We need to stop this next session, or the Orceress might get reincarnated. Again.

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention we had to fight a ghostly form of the Orceress again? The magic flame revived her in a way. My guess is that if she’d been left, she would re-form completely. This is a Bad Thing™

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Session 11: Pearls, Portions & Phylacteries

So. We’ve finally, after an entire session, destroyed the Orceress for good. Her Phylactery was very well hidden as two separate liquids that needed to be joined. Notes found “It’s the Rug” and “Lucky 37” were the keys to figuring this out. The rug, not so much. But we found 9 magical tea sets which will sell for a handsome 2000 gold each! Maybe even more if we sell them all to a collector (if such a collector exists).

Two liquids (numbered 3 and 7 in a set of 9) were joined in an empty vial. This liquid was then heated using fire – originally this would have been done by the FIRE ELEMENTAL which was being held. We released him. Maybe he’ll come back to help us some time. The heat turned the two liquids into a solid black pearl, which we stood on. Broken Phylactery = no lich. Awesome.

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