The story:
From three high peaks in the Sea flow endless red. Ships sent into the Red Sea have the hulls give way, never a soul returning. London was built near the edge of the Red Sea, where rare plants grow in abundance, and there are virtually no pests.

In the Watchtower of London, a large and powerful spyglass was commissioned. Surely something could be seen, something done, to gain access to the precious inland areas South of London.

When the spyglass was finished, the view was startling. In addition to the red flow there is now a foul, greenish gas. Strange things have begun to occur. This discovery has poured more funds into the coffers of the ‘Cure the Red Sea’ fund.

The people of London and Claw both spent many resources on the problem. The shipyards in both cities were expanded, numerous chemists made fortunes, most eventually going bust when they produced no cure, and militarization/baronny increased.

Flash forward several months, and, after several hack ‘druids’ were executed after trying to sell vials of ‘blessed red water’ as a panacea, the town is no closer to answers, and chaos has begun to take hold, the law becoming scarcer outside of the city’s walls.

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scorpion island

SMAndy Rayneth